Sunday, November 16, 2014


It's here

And although it is pretty

And I tell myself that each season is to be valued

And I said that I would embrace it

Sometimes when I open the back door to let the pups out and that cold blast of air hits me, I can be overheard saying, "Urrghh winter!"

It's kind of like living in your freezer for six months of the year.  Who decides to settle in a freezer like environment?  Opps  I'm sounding bitter again.  ;)

Happy Winter!



  1. lol! It is very pretty...from a distance!

  2. It is pretty. But I am with Sian.. from a distance. LOL It was so cold the other morning and everything was so frosty and snow covered, I thought about grabbing my camera and going out, but it has been getting so cold!!!! We are getting January temps right now. Yuck. You know, I think I would embrace it more if it went back to the winters of past... where Thanksgiving was in the fall and not winter and snow was gone and spring was here by the end of March, not May and still snow. I wish for shorter winters.

  3. Yep...very pretty...from a distance. We have very mild winters on the coast of South Africa where we live...the temperature seldom falls below 12 degrees Celsius. Even so, I don't like winter, give me long balmy sunshine days...they just make me happy. Your photos are magical xx


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