Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Happy Thrifting Day

A few days before Christmas,  I decided to take a boo into the thrift stores one last time before the holidays.  There hasn't been many finds for me lately as they seem to be fittingly filled with Christmas decor.  Mind you, I did score some amazing cards recently,  in brand new boxes for $2 a box.  I'm set for next year now.  :)

So the first three stores I hit were a bust.  Well, other than an old set of poker dice made in Britain that I found for $0.50.  I wasn't sure if they would have a use but figured I would find the right person in our family to adopt them.  Turns out that Rob was beyond happy when he came home and spied them.

My last stop was the Value Village.  Not much in the kitchen goods and then I decided to take a peek at the wool selection.  I am very glad I did.  It was the balls that were perfectly wound with a ball winder that caught my eye.  Must be a serious knitter to have them so nicely rolled.  Although they were packaged in plastic bags I could see that the ball bands were neatly rolled and placed in the centre of each ball.  Could those few visible letters mean it was Cascade yarn?  You know, the good brand that I buy at the good yarn store.  I decided to buy the lot for a whopping $11 which included tax.

Once I got to the car I quickly opened up the plastic to investigate.  Sure enough it is Cascade 220 100% wool.  I have some of this in my stash and have paid around $10 a ball.  Some of the ball bands have no price but others have a price tag reading $8.95!

Look at all of this amazing pink!

These little balls could make an awesome pair of mittens.

I'm not supper crazy about the "dusty rose" colour.  It always seems quite "old lady" to me.  But, just because it isn't my favourite colour, it doesn't mean that everyone hates it.  I'm thinking I might mix it up with the red and grey to give it a more current flair.

The Value Village may be high priced on some items but they don't know good wool.  You would think that the price tag would have tipped them off.  I figure that I got about $60 worth of wool for $11.  Now that is what I call hitting the thrifting jack pot!  I'm ready to make some awesome woolies for girls for next years charity efforts.  :)



  1. I do sometimes find it perplexing that the pricing in thrift shops is off on some items - you can tell that there is sentimental attachment to some things and not to others. BTW, that rose color is so lovely!

  2. It's giving me fingers itching to knit just looking at it! What a great find to see you into the New Year. Hope it's a great one for you. happy 2015

  3. Best thrifty yarn find ever! Score!!

  4. I always have a giggle when I read about your love for happy that you found some treasure.


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