Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Camera Man

Rob's been taking photography classes.  His current course is called "Portrait Lighting".  As the name suggests, it's all about taking portraits and the effects of lighting.  I'm super excited that one day when we have beautiful grandchildren, Rob can get some quality photos of them.  But for now, he is stuck with me as his model.

Each Tuesday, Rob comes home with homework assignments that are due by email on Monday.  We usually wait until Sunday afternoon.  Then Rob sets up a studio.  Sometimes it's in the kitchen, sometimes it's in the living room and last time it was in the basement.  We have to improvise with supplies and so shades are taken off of lamps, boxes are used to raise the lighting, the bedspread was even pulled off the bed and draped over the television when we needed a white backdrop.  A wardrobe change of a white blouse to a black shirt may be needed and I was once asked if I could look normal in a photo and hold a lamp at the right height, at the same time.  Apparently I can't.  Last week's homework meant a trip to the fabric store to buy a big piece of black fabric needed for a backdrop.  It is always an adventure and I enjoy every minute of it.

It is a given that at some point during the shoot I will say to Rob, "Camera man, my filter please."  It actually sounds like, "Camewa man, my fiwter pwease." It's an old SNL joke about Barbara Walters wanting that misty effect for her close ups to make herself look younger.  Well, I never got a filter but there were lots of other lighting effects.

Sometimes I have to move my head.

Sometimes half of my face is in shadow.

Sometimes half of my face disappears.

Sometimes I have a shadow under my nose.  I think this is called the "butterfly" effect.

Sometimes I look bored. Oh, there's the bedspread.

And sometimes I look really,  really bored.  ;)

I look like I'm outside but I'm really in my basement with a garage flood light behind me.  It's magic! 

The dogs are usually milling around me during these shoots so at the end I scoop them up to get a photo of me with my fur babies.

(I over edited these two.  Sorry Rob but this is how I'll want these for later scrapping.)

And one last one with me and Lady only having half a face.  This could almost make it on Awkward Family Photos.  It is a bit dramatic for a woman with her little dog.  ;)

It's been a lot of fun and I will be sad when this class is over.  Next up for Rob might be "Macro Photography" which is actually taking photos of little things. Shouldn't it be called "Micro Photography"?  I don't think it will be half as much fun for me.



  1. Rob is really getting good at that...and you are a lovely model.

  2. What a lovely collection of portraits. It must be great fun to have someone else who is happy to take the pictures and let you scrapbook the results. Here, sometimes I'd love to be handed a pile of pictures I hadn't had to take! I'll be interested to hear if he takes the macro class too

  3. Gotta like the ones with the dogs where you're smiling. He's doing good! Merry Christmas Jennifer.

  4. It looks like you two were having fun. My hubby is looking into photography lessons as well.


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