Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Outside Holiday Decor

One of my favourite things about December is decorating for the holiday season both inside and out.  When the girls were little we did the Christmas light thing.  Rob would venture up onto the roof and try to string those suckers as straight as he could.  Now we take the lazy way out and we like it that way.  No lights for us. LOL  But, we do put out a few things.

As I like my decorations to reflect our love of nature and celebration of Winter Solstice, we keep things looking more natural and wintery.  This arrangement of outdoor greens went up in mid November and will stay up until around March.  It was made at our greenhouse.  We buy a spray there that helps to preserve it for many months.  A good spray and then a full watering that will freeze and you are good until spring time.  Although, we are expecting a week of above freezing temperatures this week, which may not be good for this.  We may have to water it some more through this week.

I found these stars made out of twigs at my local grocery store.  I love the natural vibe they give off.  Two hang on the front door...

and one hangs in our tree.

This little cutie was found at the Butterdome Craft sale in Edmonton.  Not only pretty to look at but a treat for our feathered friends on a cold winter's day.  It is our solstice tradition to always have some food out for the birds over the winter months.

My wreath hangs on our side garage door.  I've had this for many years, long before I celebrated Winter Solstice.  But, it lends itself well to Winter Solstice.  The wreath was a part of Winter Solstice tradition long before it was a symbol of Christmas.  The circular shape represents the continuation of the seasons.  The gold on mine represents the sun.  During early Winter Solstice times, people often put fruit and flowers on their trees to symbolize being thankful for a bountiful harvest and nature.  The fruit and flowers on my wreath represent this tradition.  It was pure luck that this wreath is so Winter Solstice-y.  I couldn't have hoped for a better one!

Lastly, my Martha Stewart cling on snowflakes go on my front door window.  The snowflake has to be the ultimate symbol of winter.  These too will stay up until March.  They help to remind me to embrace winter.  It's an ongoing effort on my part to not grumble.

Pups are curiously watching what I am doing out there.

Then Maggie lets me know that she is not happy that she was not invited to this photo shoot by stretching up and furiously scratching on the window.  Weird dog.  ;)



  1. It's hard to believe looking round here now, but not that long ago, outdoor decorating wasn't a thing here at all. Now I love to see the lights and the rest outside everyones houses. Your natural look is very pretty indeed

  2. I love your decor...very pretty. I love lights and have asked my hubby to buy a curtain of lights to put in our front window.


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