Saturday, December 6, 2014

Pottery for Knitting

Every December Edmonton hosts an amazing craft sale.  It is called the "Christmas Butterdome Craft Sale".  What is the Butterdome?  Well the shape of the building where the sale takes place literally looks like a big chunk of butter.  I haven't gone to this sale for many years.  Well yesterday Rob and I decided to go and take a peek.  There is everything there from fancy foods to beautifully handcrafted art.

Every time I saw a pottery kiosk I would quickly scan for yarn bowls in hopes of expanding my collection of two.  Well I was pretty excited to come upon the lady who made the first bowl that I bought.  I found that bowl at my local yarn store and hadn't seen one since.  Apparently she stopped supplying them to the yarn store because she couldn't keep up with the demand.  This I can believe.  Her yarn bowls are not only functional but beautiful too.  So now my favourite yarn bowl has a "little" side kick.

But the best find of the day was this!

Yes it is a knitting needle holder made by this same artist.  I have never seen one and am so excited to have this piece.  Not only a thing of beauty but functional too.  I have decided that it will hold all of my bamboo needles.  I've yet to set them all up.

And there is something about placing those needles in those little holes that reminds me of that old game I had as a child, Kerplunk.  Who knew they still made it?



  1. I've never seen a yarn holder before. Very nice! i can remember my Grandpa attaching some kind of tubing in lengths to the back of the door to the under stairs cupboard for my Grandma to keep her needles in though

  2. I have never seen a knitting needle holder...that is so neat.


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