Monday, December 1, 2014

Santa's Anonymous

It's December!  So it is official that Christmas is full on.  Christmas is all about the kids and thank goodness we have my little four year old nephew Thomas.  He keeps things fun for us even if he does live far away.  With technology today we still get to keep in touch and enjoy his excitement of being a kid.  Last year Auntie Jen picked a really sucky Christmas gift so Uncle Rob is the official gift chooser for Tom.  Apparently Skylanders is at the top of his list this year so both of the "old aunties" jumped on that bandwagon.  I think we have nailed it this year.  Well actually, Susan always nails it.  She has two boys and understands what little boys like.  Me, not so much.  ;)

Since our family is low on little people at the moment, we really miss the fun of shopping for kids.  Let's face it, they are much more fun to shop for than kids in their mid to late 20's!  But we still get our fix.  Each year we buy some gifts to support our Santa's Anonymous.  It provides gifts to families in need.  Every child deserves to have a good Christmas.  Want to see what I found this year?

Through the year I keep my eye out for sales on toys.  I figure if I can pick some stuff up on sale,  I can get more for my dollar and provide a few more smiles on Christmas morning.  This year I hit the jackpot with Ironman at only $7 an action figure!  I think he is still popular because they still sell him at Target and Wal-Mart.

Oh Barbie.  Barbie was always a part of my Christmas growing up.  I found these beach Barbies at $5 a piece.

In the stocking stuffer department, I found lots for 80% off at Michael's after Christmas sale last year.  Hey, the same stuff is there again now at full price.  The books were still a good deal at 50% off.

Apparently, one of the much ignored groups for the campaign is the baby category of newborn to 2 years of age.  I guess it is just more fun to look for a toy that reminds us of something that we liked as a kid.  But what would the older siblings of the baby think,  if Santa didn't leave a gift for the little one?  I found these cuties at Chapters last summer at 50% off.

This through the year shopping really was great at satisfying my love of a great bargain.  But when October comes and they fill the toy aisle at Costco, Rob and I always go and take a peek.  This year we each chose a gift that we would have loved to receive from Santa.

Here's what Little Robert would have wanted.

As for Little Jennifer, the only thing that would have made this doll better was if her dress had been purple.

It was fun shopping and it keeps the spirit of the season alive for us.  Yesterday we bundled up the goodies and took a trip over to the mall to drop off.  We spent some time watching the kids line up to visit Santa.  He's a great one with a real beard and all and he really seems to take some time with the kids.  I almost misted up as I watched a little blonde girl with two ponytails ring Santa's sleigh bells with one hand as she nervously twirled one ponytail in loops with her other hand.  Cute!!!  That one moment is the magic of Christmas for me.  The joy of Christmas is watching it through the eyes of a child.  Christmas is all about the children.  



  1. Oh my gosh, Ben has his eye on that Star Wars ship! LOL I bought him a few Star Wars lego sets this year, but can't remember if I bought that one. He has quite a few on his list...

    It is very generous and so thoughtful of you and Rob to stock up on toys to donate. I agree, every child should have something at Christmas. I don't know what I am going to do when Ben outgrows this fun part of Christmas. Seems the magic disappears when they figure it all out. My time is running out. I only have a year or two left.

  2. What a lovely post: every word so very true. i was out yesterday shopping for little gifts for TSO to take to Romania and hoping the recipients would be pleased. With only Little E to shop for here, that's how I was getting my fix


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