Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tea Time

Susan and I got together today for our crafty day.  It was a knitting day with a lunch date with Rob and a bit of thrifting for The White Sisters.

Tea time had a bit of a holiday flare.  We had Susan's homemade peanut butter cookies which were delicious as well as some Christmas cookies.  Yes, these were the cookies that were supposed to be put away in the freezer to enjoy on Winter Solstice celebration.  Well one sample lead to another and you know how it goes.  They were really tasty.

We enjoyed some David's Tea.  I had "Pumpkin Patch" while Susan enjoyed "Orange Blossom".

I served on my Corelle "Crazy Daisy".  The green seemed somehow fitting for the holiday.

And at the end of the knitting day, here's what was accomplished.  I started a cowl with size 15 needles while Susan started a sock with size 1 needles.  We laughed when we looked at the difference.  Yes, chunky knitting knits up fast!

I'll leave you with a photo of my little Lady...  part poodle and part bulldog.  ;)



  1. A lovely tea time...Lady doesn't look anything like a bulldog ;-)

  2. Yes, there certainly is quite a difference with that knitting. Both looking equally good, though!

    Those cookies are beautifully decorated

  3. Those cookies almost look to pretty to eat.


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