Friday, December 5, 2014

That 70's Tangent ~ Casserole Anyone?

So apparently my efforts of not buying more Pyrex is failing.  No surprise there.  ;)  I'm fine staying away from the Pyrex at The Antique Market.  I can't justify the hefty price unless it was something amazing or rare.  The problem comes when I come upon pieces at the thrift shops for dirt cheap.  Here's the latest.

I found this beauty at The Value Village for $8.

There is no lid and I already have this size.  It was the pattern that drew me in.  It's Old Orchard and it's my first piece of the pattern.  It came out in 1974.  Take a look at this old brochure.  The selling feature was the beauty of pottery with the function of Pyrex.  Brilliant marketing.

Last week Susan and I were in The Goodwill near her house when we came upon this "little" one for only $6 and it had the lid!  Score!

Yes it is the little version of my Golden Acorn casserole.  So not only do I get smitten by a new pattern but, also by a new size.  I'm hopeless!!  ;)

And just to prove that I actually used one of my casserole dishes... here's a Shepard's Pie made with left over roast beef waiting to go into the freezer for a future supper.  :)



  1. I love your tangents. :) It is so fun to see what you pick up next. Your trips to the antique stores make me want to go find ones around here. :)

  2. Is it okay for me to be secretly glad that you are still buying :)


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