Sunday, December 7, 2014

That 70's Tangent ~ One Sunday Thrifting

One of my favourite things to do on a Sunday is to go thrifting in the city with Rob.  We usually stop for a bite somewhere, hit a few thrift shops and make it back home before the football or hockey game starts.  It's a win win for both of us.

On this particular Sunday we stopped at The Goodwill near Susan's house.  There were some great finds.

One tiny cinderella bowl in the Crazy Daisy pattern (too cute!) $2, one Fire-King loaf pan in the Candle Glow pattern $3 and two saucers in Woodland Brown $2.  Now if I could only find the two hook handle tea cups to go with.  I will one day if I keep searching.

Next it was on to The Antique Mall.  I wanted to enjoy the vintage Christmas decor while it was adorning almost every booth.  Now I try to only buy here if it is totally unique.  Then I figure I can justify it.  The problem is, I always find things that I deem to be unique, like this!

This gravy boat set in Woodland Brown is such a good find!  In the beginning I thought that I would never find much of this pattern from 1978.  I am happy to report that my collection has grown significantly.  There will be a future post on what I've found to date.  So there was no way I could pass this up for $11.  Score!

Then there were these little cuties.

The small refrigerator dish has no lid and is in the Homestead pattern.  They are always pricey.  This was $7.  I have never seen anything like the mini orange casserole dish.  It is not milk glass but is clear glass on the inside.  I have no idea of when these were produced.  It was $10 and it was too cute to pass up.

And on this particular Sunday we got home just in time to watch the football game to see if the Calgary Stampeders or the Edmonton Eskimos would go to the Grey Cup.   When I say that I watch the game, I mostly knit and watch Rob watch the game.  For me it is just a bunch of men banging into each other on the field.  I have no understanding of the strategy involved which I'm sure is what actually makes viewing football enjoyable.  Sadly, Edmonton lost but hey Calgary won the cup the next week so Yay Alberta!  :)



  1. I like that little orange dish too. You must have a lot of great thrift shops in your area! I'm sure the pickings round here wouldn't be so good

  2. You are the queen of thrift...and I love all the lovely glassware you discover.

  3. Just when I think you've shown us all the patterns, I notice the Candleglow. You are quite the hunter in this regard.


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