Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tuesday Tea Time and Some Holiday Cheer

Susan came over yesterday.  We decided to stay away from the thrift stores and actually do something crafty.  It turned out to be a productive knitting day.  Susan was working on some socks.  I finished up a mitten and then started a chunky cowl for Diane.  It will look like this.

It is such a fast knit that as of this morning I only have 2 rows left.

Tuesday Tea Time was a hit.  We enjoyed some of Susan's fine baking.  These lovelies had been tucked away in my freezer since last week.  They are Almond Tea Cakes, although they are actually a cookie.  The recipe is from Hungary.  They were amazing.  They have a hint of almond taste with almonds on top and a bit of a glaze made from an egg white wash.  Definitely up in my favourites so far.  Our tea was David's North African Mint.  It is soon becoming a favourite for me.  It is a green tea and it is delicious.

These cookies deserved to be served up Downton Abby style with some fine china.  But I got lazy and the knitting was calling and so I served up using Corelle "Old town Blue".  It was my mother's pattern so Susan and I always say that it's like eating at Mom's.

Bit by bit the holiday cheer is making it's way into the house.  I've yet to decorate.  I think the tree is going up this weekend.  But....

my favourite little owl is now holding some wintery themed napkins

and these beautiful homemade cookies were gifted to us yesterday.  These are soon to be tucked away in the freezer to be enjoyed at our Winter Solstice celebration.  They almost look too beautiful to eat. At least I have a photo to remember them by.

I've been receiving some festive photos lately too.  Michelle's kids loved their woolies!  These photos just make me happy!

Lastly,  Thomas is enjoying each day leading up to Christmas with a Lego Star Wars advent calendar.  Poor little guy needs a pick me up after having both the chicken pox and a sick bug.  We think he is finally on the mend.

Hoping things are feeling festive around your place too!  :)


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  1. A lovely festive post with lots to share. That cowl pattern looks like a really good one. And aren't those cookies magical? We're starting to feel festive round here: we haven't put the tree up yet, but we have lights up on our stairs and they make a little bit of magic


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