Monday, December 22, 2014

Winter Solstice Celebration Recap

We gathered on Saturday for our holiday celebration night.  It was the night before the official Winter Solstice, but it is this night, in fact, that is the longest.  I had most of my favourite people in this world with me and so I was one happy lady.

The tree was sparkling,

and there were lots of presents waiting to be given out.

There were even gifts for the furry four legged members of the family.

There was an assortment of appetizers to munch on before dinner.  Some savoury and made with the real healthy stuff like cream cheese, sour cream and lots of cheese. There were some sweets too.  Goodies I had been hoarding in my freezer like fudge made in Ontario.  Then there were the staples of Christmas,  like chocolates bought in bulk from the Bulk Barn.

We had roast beef for dinner.  Rob slow roasted it on the barbecue and injected it with garlic butter and wrapped it in bacon.  T'is the season for healthy eating... NOT!

Rob even shared his last two cans of the much coveted LeSieur peas.  These were brought from Quebec by Andrew,  Chantal and Thomas last summer. It was a small way of having them with us.  It's the only thing that would have made the night better.  We had ice cream cake and more sweets for dessert.

The girlies liked their Millionaire Squares and Cherry Balls.  The evidence is in this picture or possibly the girls are just hamming it up to make their mama feel like she really nailed the celebration this year.  ;)

We had some drinks and chatted and mocked each other here and there because it's one of the ways this family shows their love for each other, all while listening to cheesy Christmas carols playing in the background.

Rob packed up care packages of left over goodies for our guests.  I got my Christmas hugs from my girls.  They are stingy in the hug department and make me wait for special occasions.  :(  It was a great celebration.

I love our new tradition of having our family celebration on Winter Solstice.  I get more time with my family by celebrating a few days before Christmas.  It frees up time for everyone on Christmas day so it is not so hectic on this day. The girls can spend more time with their men and enjoy the other side of the family.   I think that everyone has a more relaxing holiday experience.  The season has many days so why cram everything into one day.  I think we will be celebrating Winter Solstice for many years to come.  I am so grateful for the wonderful people in my family that I get to spend special days with.



  1. That's a lovely collection of happy family photos

  2. What a wonderful night. Lots of great memories made. Your dinner sounded so good!!

  3. Thank you for explaining why you celebrate Christmas in this way. I think it is an awesome way to keep everyone in the family happy xx


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