Thursday, January 1, 2015

Around Here

There is just something about the new year.  Although not for all, for me it is a new beginning.  Rob's new beginning is aways springtime while others see the beginning as the new school year.  The fresh new year means putting Christmas away!  I'm very proud of myself for actually leaving my tree up into the new year.  Many years it is down by the 26th or 27th of December.  It did feel pretty good to see it naked and being dismantled.

The birds from the bird tree have flown from the tree and have migrated into the closet until they reappear next December.

The house feels opened and uncluttered and I love this feeling.  This always gives me the urge to re-oraganize things.  A bit of this started today in the studio.  I went through my stash of wool, organizing and labeling bins of goodness.  Every time I would think I was done, I would find yet another bag of wool needing to find a new home.  I am going to try very hard to stop buying yarn, even if it is awesome stuff for a deal at the thrift store.  Next on the organizing list is the scrappy element of the studio.  I don't even know where to begin. ;)

I'll leave you with a photo of my current house guest.  Meet Sadie!

She is the sweet girl of one of our neighbours we had when we lived in the condo.  I used to always call her "Miss Congeniality" because she is the friendliest thing ever.  She is a Bichon but is much larger than Maggie.  She is thirteen years old now and her hearing and sight are failing but she is fit!  She follows me through my day and sleeps at my feet at night.   Maggie and Lady seem to sense that she needs me while missing her "mom".  They take a backseat to her and hang out with Rob more.  These three live in harmony.

Did you notice her sparkly nails?  They are little caps to keep her from scratching hard wood flooring.    Pretty fancy!  ;)



  1. You're right about that uncluttered feeling! Our tree is still up, but I'm just reaching that point where I'd like to start clearing the shelves of decorations..

  2. My tree is still up. I kind of like it. It fills that void in the living room. I need another chair in there. I can stay a few more days, until Sunday. Today is a field trip with Ben to the MN History Center in St. Paul and a trip around by Phalen Lake and other places. I have been working on organizing and decluttering though in bits and pieces around holiday activities.

  3. My tree is still up...and need to come down this weekend. I need that "uncluttered" feeling.

  4. I love the uncluttered feel of the house without the Christmas decorations too - and I love the snap of your fella taking down your tree. Ours is all down except for the village, which I thought I wanted to leave up, but now I am thinking not so much. My hubby just retired and on his very first non-work weekday lamented that it is not yet spring so he cannot putter outside. So he has taken on the challenge of reorganizing our books, while I am working on purging the scrap studio. The idea of being ultra-organized is really appealing to me these day.


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