Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Found at "Find"

Rob and I recently learned of a thrift store in Edmonton that we were unaware of.  It is called, "Find".  We decided to check it out.  It is situated in an old grocery store building.  It is quite run down but its size makes it perfect for holding lots of old furniture.  The mission of this place is to totally set up people with furniture and home goods who have been previously homeless and are coming in off the streets.  I know that any future furniture I have to find a home for will be donated here.  They steam clean all of the furniture and even have sniffer dogs check for bed bug infestations.  I will be so happy when this problem becomes a thing of the past.  Ick!  How can an old problem like this suddenly become a concern for people again?

I was very excited when I found this beauty in the housewares section for $5!

So, Rob didn't see it as quite as beautiful as I do but he seems to have adjusted to seeing it sit out on the kitchen counter.  It is empty now but will likely house some large dog treats for the pups.

I just love this little mushroom top!  It is just so 70's!!



  1. I have to laugh at myself, because I now stop to look in our charity shop windows to see if there is anything I think you would like!

  2. It is similar to the other mushroom canister you picked up not too long back. It is perfect for puppy treats. :)

  3. We can do with a place that can help people set up home again after financial set backs. A fantastic idea. Love your little canister.

  4. Enjoy your new find. My mom has the entire canister set and the wall clock. We ordered them many years ago from the Sears Catalog.


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