Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Greetings From the Maid

I'm still here cleaning my little heart out.  It's a full on tangent.  I have a severe case of "dish pan hands" but other than that I'm surviving.  I'm actually not as achy and sore as I thought I would be. Could I be building up strength and stamina?

I have finished the Clutter Challenge for this month. Yes, I went ahead and to be honest it really wasn't much of a challenge for me.  I guess it is easy to do something that comes to us naturally.  I am an organized person by nature.  I get it from my father.  I told Susan yesterday, that if I really wanted to challenge myself, I should have tried a driving challenge.  Day One: Drive outside of the bounds of Sherwood Park without getting an anxiety attack.  LOL

I am basically nearing the home stretch of the deep clean.  Today I was emptying and cleaning closets and more drawers.  Why does every piece of furniture I own have drawers?

I am washing the duvet cover from the guest room.

And ironing the duvet cover too.  Urrgghh a boring task.

You know you are deep into the abyss when you are cleaning the cleaning closet!

Tonight I am going to be enlisting the Big Guy to help me reach some high up dusting.  He's taller than me, isn't uncoordinated on a ladder and doesn't have a fear of falling and dislocating an elbow... again!

Okay, I'm off to put some moisturizer on these hands.



  1. Om my word Jennifer...please don't over do it xx

  2. Cleaning the cleaning closet! That's a good one!

    Building up my cleaning stamina sounds like something I should be doing too. Good job.

  3. Yeah, dishpan hands are a badge of valor in my book. Try using a petroleum jelly based lotion on them at night - you will be amazed. I like Mary Kay's Extra-emollient night cream - too heavy for face, but fab on hands and feet.


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