Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I'm a "Clean Mama"

Warning:  If you hate cleaning chit chat just skip this post because it will totally bore you.  ;)

Earlier this month I posted about a new cleaning routine that I was giving a go.  My plan was to follow it through January and then decide if it was a good fit.  Well, it is the perfect fit!  Clean Mama focuses on doing just a little bit each day so that you stay on top of things.  I don't think I will ever clean another way again.  My house stays clean and presentable on an ongoing basis and I never spend the whole day cleaning, doing laundry and changing sheets on the same day.  It doesn't bother me that my entire house isn't totally clean at the same time because I am always keeping up on things.  I may not have cleaned my bathrooms on the same day I did the floors but you can be sure I have checked the bathrooms over and done a quick wipe up if needed.  I am a happier person if my surroundings are clean and organized.

As for the laundry, Rob and I don't generate too much laundry.  Back in the day when I had two teenage daughters that machine was always going.  But, I still like that I do a load most days and don't have to spend one day pumping through multiple loads.

There are free monthly printout schedules on the Clean Mama site as well as kits you can buy.  I spent $15 Canadian so I could set up this binder.

Having said that, other than the fact that you are getting empty documents that you can customize to your own plan and documents that set your cleaning up on a weekly basis etc. you can get most of this on the blog as far as information and the free monthly schedule.  I will use the empty documents to fill in for upcoming years, or will just wait and print out monthly schedules.  It does look pretty all together in a binder though and I have also incorporated a section for meal planning in hopes of keeping us on track with home cooked suppers and staying out of the restaurants.  ;)

Last year I purchased this book from Clean Mama for $18 and I have to say that it is worth every penny!  I bought mine through Amazon.

There are so many amazing cleaning recipes in here and the tricks of cleaning up specific issues are amazing!  Once I finish up my green cleaning products that are store bought, I am going 100% homemade on cleaners.  Most things can get cleaned perfectly if you have, baking soda, vinegar, castile soap, oil and washing soda on hand.  Throw in some essential oils and it all smells amazing.

Target has been my go to place for green cleaners and since it is closing out in Canada, I decided to give a few more prepared green cleaners a try,  in the past two weeks.  I figured that if there was anything totally amazing, I could order it on Well. ca.  Hmmmm  I think that homemade is the way to go.

The Seventh Generation bathroom cleaner worked great on the sink and toilet.  I never got to trying it on the tub because I couldn't get past the scent of it.  I hate the smell of lemongrass.  There is nothing lemony about it.  To me it smells like rubber tires.  You know the smell that hits you when you walk into Canadian Tire.... that's the smell of lemongrass.  It is going in the garbage. :(  The Method bathroom cleaner is terrific on sinks and I love the peppermint smell, but it does not cut through soap scum on the tub and tiles like it says it will.  And I have soft water so soap scum stays at a minimum.  I won't be buying it again.  The "Even the Kitchen Sink" worked okay on the kitchen sink but I think I can get a better clean with a baking soda and castile soap scrub.  I haven't given it a go on the tub yet but I'm not holding out hope.  I have yet to try the Attitude brand.  I'll let you know if I discover anything epic, but I think that is not likely.  So far the best green cleaners I have bought is the Green Works brand by Clorox.  The bathroom cleaner works great on the tub and is 99% natural.  The glass and surface cleaner is 95% natural.  They don't have the fancy amazing scents or the fancy packaging that usually draws me in but they work and are actually a better price point.

I am happy to say that I did finish my deep clean.... in a totally tangent manner.  ;)  I am now ready to receive the Queen!  Do you think she would be interested in popping over?  ;)


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  1. I will admit at this point that I am truly thankful that in South Africa domestc workers are still affordable. I seriously can't cope with an eight hour work day, cooking and cleaning.


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