Thursday, January 22, 2015

It's New to Me

Recently, I have been stumbling upon some amazingly cheap scrapbooking goodies.  I haven't really bought much in the last year or two which makes sales of the older lines a perfect fit!  Last week while milling around HomeSense looking for organizational supplies, I came upon the 2014 Teresa Collins line, "Save the Date" for only $4.99.  Then a few days ago while searching for yet another storage container for dog supplies, I came upon another Teresa Collins line from 2014, "Daily Stories", also for $4.99.  It felt so great to pick up supplies at such a cheap price.

Yesterday, I was feeling antsy and decided to take a boo down at my local scrapbooking store here in Sherwood Park.  I hadn't been in for months.  I was quite excited when the saleslady informed me that almost the entire store was 50% off.  The sale excluded a few of the newer lines and adhesives.  I picked through the store and picked up some lines from 2013 and 2014.  This entire table of goodies cost me all of $124!  (Sorry for the bad photos.  It is dreary here and it still gets dark quite early.)

This is definitely the way to buy scrappy goodies.  It may be older stuff but it is all new to me.  I am going to try to pretty much continue this shopping trend by delaying buying the new releases.  I'd rather buy them a year later at half the price.  Sure there will be the odd thing that I love and screams out for me to buy it NOW, but for the most part.... I can wait!  Shimelle collections can't wait.  I'll be running into the city as soon as I see those gorgeous papers up on the store blog. haha

What are your plans for shopping?  Are any of the new release peeks calling your name?



  1. I still have the entire "save the date" line. Still haven't cut into it. I have really now called a total halt to buying any new patterned papers. I really have to use up what I have.

  2. Lots of lovely goodies there. And I'm totally with you on buying on sale. I think it takes 3 or 4 years for supplies to appear dated - even if you are in tune to the current trends. So I won't even pay full price for kit clubs anymore. In 2015 I have called a halt to buying any new supplies, until there is a dramatic noticeable depletion in what I already have. Stampin Up' Saleabration is my biggest temptation, but for all the new CHA stuff, I'm just pinning them to a Pinterest board instead of buying. No it's not as much fun, but it will have to do.


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