Monday, January 12, 2015

It's Starting to Snowball

So I started my new cleaning routine last week.  It's from Clean Mama and it is supposed to inspire me to be up to date on my housework by doing just a little bit each day.  It's going great and I have been maintaining both my daily chores and my weekly chores.  But, living on a tangent has me doing way more than just a small bit of cleaning.  I have spiralled into a full on deep cleaning.  I'm stuck in the vortex.  I figure I had better ride this one out as long as I can because once it spits me out,  the sudden need to re-organize and clean every nook and cranny of my home will suddenly cease.

Yesterday Rob and I ventured down to the basement to de-clutter.  Turns out that I don't have much clutter.  Boxes stored away in the basement and unlabelled is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night.  What is in those boxes?  If I can't remember what a box contains, do I really need to own any of its contents? I think it came from years of not knowing if we would be transferred and would have to move our worldly belongings.  Not that we ever did end up moving much.  I live by this mantra!

Rob,  on the other hand, not so much.  We found boxes that I had labelled "Rob's Junk", from our last move.  Although I am a bit of a neat freak, I respect that not everyone lives that way.  Rob's zones of the house are usually a bit of a mess and I am okay with just looking the other way (most of the time), as it is not my area.  As much as we can't find the copies of our wills that went MIA in the last move, we did find a receipt for a supper we had at the Bar-B-Barn in Montreal in October of 2010.  Hmmm  Good thing the lawyer's office keeps copies of the wills in a fire proof safe.  ;)

I also learned that I have a bunch of other people's junk in my house.  The girls!  Three boxes of college text books belonging to Lisa and three boxes of childhood memories will be dropped off when next we meet.  We found three boxes of Diane's childhood memories which will be delivered as a house warming gift as soon as her and Eric's house is built.  Don't even get me started on golf clubs, snowboards and tires that live in our garage and don't belong to us.  Do they ever truly leave home?  ;)

Today I'm into the kitchen.  Suddenly everything needs a home urgently.  I re-purposed this scrappy supply jar.

Oh and this one too!

I've been into the spice drawer.  It was scary.

I came upon these empty spice jars at Bed Bath and Beyond for only $1 each. Yes, I have been milling around every organizational section of many stores this past weekend.

But it is so nice when in the end the spice drawer looks like this.  A picture pretty enough to scrap I dare say.

And, under the kitchen sink looks like this.

I have realized that I am a sucker for packaging.  Remember how I am supposed to be making my own cleaners?  Well, I did scrub some shower grout yesterday with a mixture of cream of tarter and lemon juice, but today while at Target I fell for this.

I love Seventh Generation products.  It is furniture polish and it is "Lemon and Chamomile" and it was $5.50.  :(  I came home and gave it a go and yeah, I could have made this with distilled water, vinegar, almond oil and lemon essential oil.  But I do plan on keeping this container to make my own next go around.  It has a really good sprayer and is not a huge bottle.

Lastly, in the interest of all things clean around here, the girlies went for a grooming this morning.  Now they are recovering together.  haha

Well, got to go.  The vortex is sucking me back in.  Time to go through the kitchen cupboards.  I wonder what treasures and messes I will find.  Tonight Rob and I are finding a new home for all of his  photography equipment and re-organizing book shelves in the den.  We do know how to live it up on a Monday night!  LOL



  1. LOL! Please come and visit me...I need your organisational skills desperately.

  2. Wow, it sounds like Spring Cleaning in January! A great way to meet the New Year. We have lots of boxes in our attic which need moved before the ceiling falls in. I think we need to pretend we are moving, just to help us throw stuff out


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