Friday, January 16, 2015

My Girlies

I don't often blog about the girls.  I try to respect their privacy and not be telling stories that are not mine to tell.  Plus, I rarely have a good photo of them that I could even add to a post.  They still hide from my camera, pull a face or even scold me that they are not picture ready.  Either their hair is not good or they just plain look like "crap".  Their words, not mine.  I think they look terrific.  This is why last summer when Uncle Andrew was visiting and asked for one photo of them, I was pretty happy. They politely agreed, stood appropriately and smiled for the camera.  Who are these girls and why can't they be like this for their mother?  ;)  There was a day, many moons ago, when they loved getting their picture taken.

Rob has started another photography course.  This one is all about photo editing with Light Room.  He is only one class in but I am already excited to think of the knowledge he will have that will make photos look amazing.  He scanned some old negatives of the girls and started putting some of his new skills to work. Check out these and the cool 90's fashions.  hee hee

When I first looked at these images, they pulled at my heart strings.   They were just so cute!



  1. They've got their mum's smile :)

  2. So glad you shared. They look darling in every shot!

  3. Your daughters look great...very photogenic. Love their childhood photos.


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