Thursday, January 29, 2015


I recently came upon a list of questions on Helen's blog over at I Will Bloom.  I love these interview style posts where readers get to catch a little bit more of a glimpse of who we really are.  It has been far too long since I did one of these posts, so here goes.  :)

What are you wearing?

Jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt.

Ever been in love?

Yes, and still am.

Ever had a terrible break up?

Yes but looking back to teenage years, who didn't.... drama!  ;)

How tall are you?


How much do you weigh?

Too much!  I've been wearing my "fat" pants far too much recently.  :(

Any tattoos?

No but I toy with the idea of getting one with Rob.  Something that will connect to his.



OTP (One True Pairing)?


Favourite show?

The Goldbergs.  I love Beverly Goldberg and the reminders of the 80's makes me chuckle.

Favourite Band?

Maroon 5

Something I miss?

My girls being little.

Favourite song?

Lips are Movin' by Meghan Trainor (this week anyway)

How old are you?


Zodiac sign?


Quality you look for in a partner?

Honesty and the ability to make me laugh.

Favourite quote?

"A mother is only ever as happy as her least happy child. "  Not sure who said this.

Favourite actor?

I don't really have one.

Favourite colour?


Loud or soft music?

Soft music.  Loud gets on my nerves after a short period of time.

Where do you go when you are sad?

Inside my head.

How long does it take you to shower?

10 minutes.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

I'm not a morning person and need to ease into my day with some tea and blog time.  From shower to dressed is about 40 minutes.

Ever been in a physical fight?


The reason you started blogging?

To share my scrapbooking pages.


Getting lost.  I have a bad sense of direction.  Actually, I have NO sense of direction.

Last thing that made you cry?

Watching the three sons of the RCMP member who was killed on duty recently.  They were invited to an Oilers game to drop the puck.  We were watching it on the computer.  So sad that their father is gone.

Last time you said you loved someone?

Today.  I tell Rob daily... many times.

Meaning behind your blog name?

I'm always on a tangent.  I start something and then I am totally into that thing for a period of time until the next thing comes up.

Last book you read?

Gone Girl.  Loved it and then saw the movie.

The book your reading currently?

Nothing on the go.

Last show you watched?

Downton Abbey.  Love it!!

Last person you talked to?


The relationship between you and the person you last texted?

I don't text.  I don't even own a cell phone.  Last person standing I think.

Favourite food?

BLT from The Sandwich Shoppe in Sherwood Park.  Yummy!!

Place you want to visit?

I want go back to Montreal to see Thomas, and his parents, of course.  ;)

Last place you were?


Do you have a crush?

Yes, it's Kevin Costner.  He's my Hollywood husband!

Last time you were insulted?

Can't think of when.  It's been awhile thankfully.

Favourite flavour of sweet?

Chocolate and more chocolate, hence the "fat" pants.  ;)

What instruments do you play?


Favourite pieces of jewellery?

My two Pandora bracelets.

Last sport you played?

Probably dodge ball in grade 10 gym class.  I'm not athletic at all.

Last song you sang?

Lips are Movin'.  It's stuck in my head.

Favourite chat up line?

I don't do this.

Last time you hung out with anyone?

Other than Rob and the dogs that would be last Monday when Susan and I got together to knit.

Who should answer these questions next?

Are any of my readers up for the challenge?  Lynette?  You usually like these posts too?



  1. I love these kinds of posts too. This is a great read. I'm a big Helen fan, too :)

  2. Hia! Sorry I haven't popped in, I've had a really busy yucky week (lots of little jobs and niggly annoying things to do, which always saps my energy). Love your post! I love Meghan Trainor too (my son's learnt pretty much all the choreography to All About That Bass, which seems to have been on repeat here the last few weeks!).....I love that quote, "A mother is only ever as happy as her least happy child" describes exactly how I've been feeling this week :( I devoured Gone Girl the book but really didn't like the film (I just didn't like that Pike woman in that role, she was just so annoying!)...LOL about your 'fat pants' and ice-cream - we all know we shouldn't do it, but you's ice cream ;) Or in my case .... cake!! Loved your post...I will pop in more often (have a 'normal' work week next week, thank goodness)....

  3. Yup...I do love these posts. Your relationship with Rob is very similar to mine with Kobus. Will try to play along this week. I am fighting a loosing battle with keeping up with blogging.


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