Sunday, January 25, 2015

That 70's Tangent ~ Thrifting Update

There has been some thrifting going on as of late.  I just haven't gotten around to documenting most of it.  Here's the update.

My friend Terry and fellow thrifter has gifted me with a set of the Woodland Brown hook handle tea cups (which I thought I would never be lucky enough to own) and these amazing milk glass custard cups!  She is like a little thrifting fairy who knows exactly what I love!

I found this casserole in the Butterfly Gold #1 pattern.  I already own it in Butterfly Gold #2 but for $4.49 at Salvation Army, I couldn't pass it up.

These retro glasses where found at Goodwill for 50 cents each.  They are not my usually style as they scream out 60's to me but they are so unique.

I think they might even compliment these new glasses I bought at Ikea on the same day.

Behold the "fruit nappy"!  They are hard to come by.  It is not in one of the four pattens that I collect, however it compliments well.  It is called "Morning Blue" and is from 1982.  I see that some people mix it into the four vintage 70's patterns that I collect.

And lastly a new baking dish.  It is a Termo-Rey.  Love the colours and the pattern is so 70's.  It is made in Brazil and many of their patterns were made to mimic the popular Corelle patterns of the time.  It has no pattern name.

One more thrifty find that is far from vintage is this David's Tea mug.  I recognized that pattern from David's Tea and couldn't resist the beautiful turquoise.  Who would give this away?  I picked it up for a loonie!  Score!!

Needless to say, the kitchen cupboards are at full capacity.  I actually have a "surplus" area in one of my basement cabinets that is holding extras.  I think this might be one of the first behaviours exhibited in "early onset hoarding".  ;)



  1. Nice finds. And yeah...who on earth would give away that beautiful Davids Tea mug?!

  2. You are not just really know so much about these vintage pieces. I adore the turquoise mug.

  3. Oh my, the tangent has been extended to glassware. (wink)

  4. So funny about the early onset hoarding. I love dishes, and try now to only get items in pairs. The retro glasses look like Fiesta ware juice glasses.

  5. I'm still saying you could write a book. Honestly, I just love these posts!

  6. Hi there, I realize this post is nearly 2 years old however I'm hoping you still actively keep up with this blog and might be able to help me out. My landlord left me a termo-rey dish (round, actually with the same pattern as your rectangular one) but I can't find online if they are safe for use in the oven, I know it's a silly question and it probably is but I would hate to start cooking something in it only to find that it's shattered or cracked in anyway.. would you happen to know if they are oven safe?


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