Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Taste of Spring

We haven't been to the greenhouse since Christmas and so recently Rob and I decided to take a trip over to check out the spring plants.  It is definitely how to feel spring in the air when it is still winter outside.

They set up a tropical botanical garden complete with a pond and fish.  Cafe tables line this area for customers to stop for a latte and treat.

Here are some close ups of the beautiful plants.

Next we went over to look at some of the plants for sale.  Love this fuzzy guy.

This bloom is from an orange tree and the fragrance was amazing.  I can only explain it as smelling "like spring".

At the Orchid section I asked a question of a fellow customer about orchids, only to learn that not only does Edmonton have an orchid society, an upcoming orchid show in April but also that this lady was a past president of the society.  Talk about accidentally directing a question to the right person!  She was lovely and very helpful with the information she gave to me.

Then we walked past this little golfing area.  It costs $3 to play a bucket of balls with the proceeds going to the children's hospital.  Of course, the grass is real.

What made the trip the best... well meeting up with some amazing little four legged friends.  ;)  Meet "Alley". 

A blurry photo of a moving dog but the story needs to be told.  She was rescued from Mexico.  Her new "mama" has only had her for the past 10 days.  She first saw this little beauty 3 years ago while visiting a friend who lives in Mexico.  Alley lived in an alley near a restaurant.  She could not be pet because of her infestation of ticks.  Fast forward three years and the friend tells mama that this little one still hangs out at the restaurant.  This amazing woman contacted a shelter society in Mexico who picked Alley up and the adoption process began.  She has been spayed and spent some time in a foster home and is now in her forever home.  As is obvious, she has had a litter somewhat recently.  The vet who spay her said that she had given birth to many litters.  Her scars are proof of a difficult life.  When I pet her she shook a little and turned away in avoidance.  Behaviours I remember all too well from a certain little Lady when I first entered her life.  The happy ending in Alley's story make me remember that people are good.  I love happy "tails".

Then we bumped into these little cuties.  They ran up and welcomed everyone who came remotely close to them.  More blurry dog photos but too cute to not make it onto the blog.  A Havanese Poodle mix and a four pound Maltese. 

And because I love to bring a little bit of spring into the house this time of year,  I came home with these two lovelies.

It's feeling less like winter already.  :)



  1. It sounds like a very sociable trip! All that thought of fresh spring air makes everyone ready to chat I think

  2. WhAt a beautiful environment to make you forget all about the winter and the snow. Lovely images Jennifer xx


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