Saturday, February 7, 2015

Knit, Knit, Knit & Dyson Review

I've been MIA as of late.  Well, "action" isn't quite the word to describe last week.  The word would be "inaction".  I've been knitting.  It's been cold and snowy and therefore set the perfect mood to stay home and make some headway on my current baby blanket.  I'm hitting the home stretch with only about 6 inches left to go.  I'm hoping to finish this weekend.

Last week I blogged about my doubts about my recent purchase of the Dyson Animal 62.  Well here is what I have been left with.

Yes, it is holes on my laundry room wall from where it mounted to the wall.  Boo to that but at least it will get Rob motivated to get out the polyfiller and paint and fix up the other marred walls in that high traffic room.

So here's the update on the Dyson Animal 62.  For the cost of $549 Canadian dollars... don't bother.  It looked a bit cheap and junky on the exterior but the amazing sucking power drew me in.  I figured it would be amazing to have in the laundry room / mud room for quick clean ups between vacuum days.  While using this tool, I did not like that the fan blew the hot air back onto me while I vacuumed.  I'm hot enough these days when I clean without this addition.  There is no "on" button on this machine.  Instead it is a small trigger in the handle that has to be continuously held down while vacuuming.  It isn't a large area so my hand never felt comfortable holding the trigger down.  It worked for all of 5 days.  Keep in mind that it wasn't used every day and when it was, it was just for a small fragment of time.  By day 5, when I held the trigger down it would not continue to run.  It would go on and off repeatedly.  Bad connection?  Who knows?  That sucker was brought back to Bed Bath & Beyond in a hurry.  They are amazing for returns and happily refunded me my money.  I have given up hope on the cordless rechargeable vacuum.  I'll be kicking it old school and dragging out the broom for in between floor touch ups in my somewhat sandy mudroom.  Boo to icy roads and sand trucks that dominate our Canadian winter.

Hey, tomorrow is a big day around here.  It's Maggie's birthday and she is turning 9!  Yeah, I know she is only a dog but I honestly had serious doubts that she would be with me this long.  Both Gus and my first dog, Toby, came from the same breeder as Maggie.  Sadly, they both developed life threatening illnesses at the age of 7 and had to be put down.  I appreciate this little one every day that she is in my life.... even when she is whining to come in and out just so she can sniff the night air... even when she punishes me for leaving the house by picking through bathroom garbage if I dare forget to close the bathroom door and even if she barks at me like a crazy dog when I return home, letting me know that it is not cool to go out without her. In her 9 years of life she has had bladder stones removed, a lump removed which was thankfully not cancerous and a knee surgery.  She has arthritis in her "good" knee and is on daily pain medication so she doesn't limp and has a good quality of life.  But, she is still going strong.  Heres to making it to the double digit number of 10 in 2016!   I love this little one.  :)

Hope you are all having a great weekend!



  1. She is so cute!! Happy birthday Maggie. (My Maggie Moo was 13 in October.) Bummer on the vacuum. At least you were able to get your money back. The blanket is looking fabulous. :)

  2. Sorry about the vacuum :-( Happy Birthday Maggie xx

  3. Hello Jen, and I am just popping in to say a huge thank-you! for the lovely postcard which has arrived safely with me, all the way across the pond. Such lovely soft colours, with a vintage vibe that just makes me smile. I am sorry to hear about your Dyson experience - I bought one once and within the month it was happily in the hands of my adult son, and I was enjoying my super lightweight no-fuss Panasonic again. Hoping you and Maggie had a lovely day together and many thanks again for your kindness, warmest regards, Alexa

  4. Hi Jennifer! That baby blanket is lovely ... and my favorite color! :) Thank you for the wonderful postcard - it arrived just in time for Valentine's Day and was a bright spot in my mailbox!!


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