Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Monday

Remember that song from the Mamas and the Papas?  Okay, I'm probably really aging myself here.  ;)  It's just an ordinary Monday in the month of February, around here.  It's snowing softly outside which is making me feel quite cozy to be just staying home today.  I was debating on taking down these... but maybe I can stretch keeping them up until March.

It is definitely a burning candles kind of day.

As much as I am itching to start this cross stitched pattern found free on Pinterest by Diane, for my Dr. Who loving Lisa (it's a Tardis box to be put on a tea towel)...

I know I have to keep working on this baby blanket for Lisa's friend Erin.  Her baby boy is due in a couple of weeks.  Big sister Isla was made one in aqua.

What else is running through my mind?  Well, I'm wondering if I wasted money investing in yet another cordless vacuum.  My last two by Electrolux ended up in the landfill after failing to hold a charge after about a two year life.  Is this just another piece of junk?  Don't let me down Dyson.  Yes, we are still suckers for floor cleaning tools around here.  This is just so easy for touch up jobs through the week between real vacuuming day.

Lastly, I'm feeling purple.  Painting purple nails... to match the vacuum.  haha

Wishing you all a happy Monday.



  1. It is snowing here too. Started early afternoon. It was actually not too bad out today - temp wise. Ben and I took Tucker for a walk. He was in hog heaven romping in the snow.

    I like that song too. I introduced Ben to some of Stevie Wonder's songs last night. LOL

    I hope this vacuum lasts longer.

    Oh cross stitching. I kind of miss those days of stitching away. Today is the perfect weather for it. Scrap room is out of commission right now. We actually had a plumbing leak. It looked like a waterfall coming out of the ceiling. Not good. Good thing Greg was home Sunday to fix it.

  2. Another vacuum? I think I remember the arrival of the last one! better luck this time round

    Funny, the same little boy who likes vacuum cleaners also loves Dr Who. You would have plenty to talk about lol

  3. Looks like a good day there - I love both the yellow of that blanket and the softer shade of the purple polish.

  4. LOVE that cross-stitch Tardis....however are you resisting?! And, wow, I have that same exact nil polish (love it!)....

  5. Happy Monday to you too. It is a candle kinda night here...South Africa's power company never maintained their power generating plants and now we have loadshedding daily...back to the dark ages.


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