Wednesday, February 25, 2015

That 70's Tangent ~ A Place for Pyrex

I have finally found a place to properly display some of my favourite Pyrex pieces.  Last night, Rob dragged this old cabinet up from the basement, where it had been housing DVDs.

There is a story behind this old cabinet.  It came from the railway office that my FIL worked for in Montreal.  When the office closed in the early 80's and the furniture was being gotten rid of, George brought it with him to Toronto.  For some time my MIL used it in her kitchen to store some crockery and then eventually it made it's way down to her basement when she moved to a smaller condo.  It held old books for some time until it was passed onto my home.

On and off since starting my Pyrex collection, I toyed with the idea of bringing it up to the kitchen but wasn't sure how it would look.  I'm really glad I decided to give it a go last night.  Take a peek inside.

The scary thing is that taking all of this out of the kitchen cupboards has freed up space... space to store future Pyrex?  It's a sickness, I tell you.  ;)

Not only is every piece in this cabinet thrifted, even the pieces on top are second hand found treasures. (The cloth runner was bought at HomeSense.)

This is such a solid piece of furniture in its original state.  This little metal plate makes me think of home.  

When Rob was in training for the RCMP and I was still at home in Montreal, I sometimes visited George at his office downtown. He was such an amazing man who I still miss.  I always feel very grateful to have had him in my life.  It makes me happy to have this old piece of office furniture sitting in my kitchen.



  1. Looks great, love the clean simple lines which harken back to old times - the perfect home for your collection.

  2. Wow, it looks great, Jen. They sure don't make furniture like that anymore. It's the perfect place to store your Pyrex.

  3. It fits so well up in your dining area. It is perfect for housing your pyrex collection, and a great keepsake. :) I am glad you have such fond memories of Rob's Father. Love the new table. ;)

  4. It's perfect and with such a lovely story behind it too.

    Room in the kitchen? I can't wait to see what comes next


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