Thursday, March 19, 2015

All Things Good

It's been one of those weeks that is just flying by.  The fact that Rob and I have been binge watching "House of Cards" may have something to do with it.  We don't watch a lot of television but when we find something that interests us we can watch five one hour episodes in an evening.  It's been late nights and sleepy work mornings for Rob.  Sometimes our heads hurt because it is a somewhat cerebral show where you really have to pay attention.  My lack of knowledge of the American political system showed itself.  Good thing there is the "pause" feature so a quick political science lecture could be given to me by Rob.  We finally reached the end last night and so now maybe we can return to being somewhat productive humans.

What else is new?  Well there is a new pillow sitting in the bedroom.  It celebrates my love of the little feathered friends.

There have been some great finds at the thrift store.  I love it when I find something totally unique as well as useful.  This glass tea bag holder made me smile for only $2.  The cashier described it as a "little filing cabinet for tea".  I think she is quite right.

I also found this book.  I'm reading some trash about Oprah.

My favourite neighbourhood Girl Guide rang the bell last night.  Yay!!  The sandwich cookies are our favourites.  We buy the mint ones from her in the fall and then popcorn from her brother, the Scout, at Christmas time.  I hope they never move away... or grow up.  ;)  I used to sell these door-to-door many moons ago.

On the crafty front, I'm crocheting again.  I've yet to finish Lisa's throw and yet I've started another.  Just one huge square.  This throw will cover the backseat of the car and keep it clean from little muddy paw prints from my two favourite furry creatures.

I'm trying to motivate myself to get some scrapping done.  I've been looking at sketches and inspiring LO's.  I even picked up a new line of Crate.  Rob is in photography class all weekend so I'm hoping to head on down to the studio and play with some paper.  Hopefully I'll be feeling creative.



  1. I read that Oprah-trash book a couple of years back. I liked her even less after reading it. LOL Love the colours of the afghan. It'll look great in your car.

  2. I love the bird pillow! It is so you, as is the afghan. Susan is right. It will look great in your car. :) I know how it goes with the binge watching shows. Netflix is dangerous for that. LOL It's like a vortex and sucks up the whole evening.

  3. I love that pillow and the tea holder! I have a wooden box I use for teas, but it's over-packed and hiding in a cabinet. Yours is a nice alternative as it holds only what you need to keep on the counter :)

  4. A nice little bit of this and that. We don't have Girl Guide cookies here ..just plenty of Girl Guides who have to find other ways to fund raise lol

    I'm loving that big crochet square

  5. Gosh that is a lot of TV...neither my hubby or I could do that without falling asleep ;-)

    Love your little pillow.


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