Friday, March 20, 2015

Ikea's Got Gold!

Anyone that follows this blog knows that I love gold and I love Ikea.  I was beyond happy when on a recent trip to Ikea, I discovered that they have brought in many items in the colour gold.  These are all new items that never made it into last summer's 2014 catalogue.  I'm so glad we popped in to look for a simple stool to sit in the laundry room.  I found not only a gold coloured stool, but so much more!

I found a yellow and white striped duvet cover.

I found cushion covers that are packed away to be used down the road to refresh current cushions.

They even had golden sand and rocks.  Not sure what I'm using these for.

It was so great finding so many golden treasures for a great Ikea price.  Yay Ikea!  Now the bedroom has a fresh look for Spring!

I love how it all matches so perfectly with my quilt made by Susan.  Every stitch of this quilt was done by hand.  It amazes me to think of it.

It didn't take this little one very long to notice a wayward pillow tossed on the floor while I ironed a sham for it.

Then she posed to look even cuter.  How could I take her pillow away from her?  Well I went to the kitchen and rattled the treat packaging very loudly.  She came looking for a goodie pronto and once she had it, I quickly reclaimed my pillow.  ;)  She does like comfort.



  1. Nothing like a bit of yellow or gold to bring sunshine into your home. I see your pillow got a new home xx

  2. I was just at IKEA yesterday, saw all of the gold, and thought of you. Was going to email you to let you know. LOL Glad you found it. Susan's quilt is gorgeous!!!! Little Miss Lady is just too cute. :)

  3. Another love we have in common! I'm a big Ikea fan too and now I've seen what there might be waiting for me this Spring I'll have to plan a trip.

    Susan's quilt is stunning


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