Thursday, March 5, 2015

One Pot, Two Pots, Old Pot, New Pot

Remember this old pot?

It has made a few appearances on the blog over the years and so now that I am ready to retire it, it only seems fitting to give it a proper send off.  It was given to us second hand back in the early 80's.  We actually had the entire set.  They originally belonged to Rob's great-aunt.  The avocado green makes me assume that they are early 70's kitchen ware.  This crock pot is the last of the set left.  It has served us well for decades, boiling corn on the cob, making huge batches of potatoes at Christmas time, as well as making soup and stew.  Well, it has seen better days.  It really isn't even in good enough shape to send off to the thrift shop and so to the dump it goes.  On the bright side, a recent google search tells me that it has an aluminum content and so it is best to be rid of it.  Although, I'm sure any possible memory damage has been done.  Goodbye alzheimer pot. ;)

Onto the even brighter side, this happy pot is ready to take over.

It was a 5 week wait for the arrival of this crock pot.  A special order was made for the colour yellow.  Well worth the wait for a pot that is guaranteed for life.  It looks so pretty that I don't want to put it away.  It is sitting on the stove top so I can admire it.  LOL   I think it's time to make some stew!



  1. Your pot arrived!!! :) Yay!! Enjoy. I have an off brand one. A red one. I love it. Mine sits on the stove all of the time as well.

  2. I love the yellow! Enjoy it.

  3. Sure, stew sounds fine, but it looks to me like that new pot was made for chicken soup! I remember my mom having an old aluminum pot that she used for big batches of potatoes and for popping popcorn.


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