Monday, March 23, 2015

"Save the Date" Mini Album

It's safe to say that I spent the entire weekend scrapping.  It felt great to be back in the studio and my Teresa Collins "Save the Date" collection has been reduced to just a few tiny scraps.  As much as mini albums are not my comfort zone,  I had a lot of fun creating this once I got going.

I have kept the cover of the album very simple.  The twine and tag can be easily taken off so that the album can be stored simply in a bookcase.  The photos are of Diane and Eric's trip to Europe, last fall.  I only had 14 photos so it left me with lots of space for embellishing.  As this is a gift for Eric's mother, Merle, I have not written anything in it.  Instead there is ample space for Merle to record her own thoughts as well as some hidden pockets for journaling.

You may have noticed on the "Mr. & Mrs." page that Diane and Eric have set their wedding date for next January.  It will be fun to have a winter wedding,  just hopefully not -30c fun.  Other exciting news in the life that they are building together, they are building a house!  Here's were it is at as of last weekend.  

Okay, now I need to head downstairs and clean off my desk and vacuum my floor.  It's a disaster down there.  ;)



  1. It's beautiful! All that lovely texture..

    My sister had a winter wedding and the room looked so lovely in the evening, with lots of candles

  2. It is a beautiful book, Jen. I am sure Eric's mom will love it. Looks like they had a fabulous time. They are such a cute couple. I am so happy and excited for them.

  3. Wow have made such a gorgeous mini album. If I look at it...I would say that you are a natural when it comes to mini albums. It is put together with so much love and care....and I love the gold touches.

  4. This is really pretty - so much detail. What an extraordinary gift!


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