Monday, March 2, 2015

That 70's Tangent ~ Then There Were Three

I'm not sure what it is about ceramic kitchen frogs from the 70's that makes me smitten.  My logical side tells me they are a bit ugly and yet aren't they a bit cute too?  I can't seem to pass one up when I see them at the thrift stores.  It is like they need to be taken home and given a proper bath and home.  ;) These little guys are never equally attractive.  It all depends on the ceramic painting talent of whoever created them back in the day.  Each one I bring home seems to be just a bit more homely than the last.  Hmm  That's how my girls have described my history of dog acquisition.  I guess they are all just beautiful in my eyes.

Here's number three!

I love that he is in the yellow/gold colour category but then there are the eyes.  The first thing I noticed was that they were not highlighted in any way.  There is something creepy about those deep black empty eyes.  When I put him in the sink to free him of a few decades of kitchen grease,  the glaze on the black paint peeled off.  It is like it wasn't baked on or wouldn't adhere to the paint.  In the process of shedding this layer he looked as if needing a trip to the emergency for a severe case of pink eye.  And now, well maybe a bad case of cataracts?  Maybe I can figure out a way to fix those eyes.  Any suggestions?  Would white paint for highlights and then a layer of clear nail polish on top work? His pattern is really quite striking though.  I'm looking for the positive here.  They look so cute together, well maybe except for those milky eyes.

They sit together tucked away in the bottom of my curio cabinet.  I'm not one for too much clutter out.  Maybe one day I'll figure out a striking way to display them.  (Rob might suggest them looking attractive through a clear plastic bag out on trash day.) Or, I could just leave them at the thrift store when I see them... and yet, I don't think that I can.  Is that weird?  LOL



  1. No, not weird at all! They look good together. Three something out of a folk tale

  2. That's one tired looking old frog. Looks like he needs a long nap. LOL

  3. They are cute and I am sure they wanted to have a home with you. Hope you find a way of fixing the eyes.


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