Saturday, March 7, 2015

This Past Week...

We made a run to the new toy store in town when we received this huge and colourful coupon in the mail.

It was good for a free miniature lego figurine as well as $5 off.  Brilliant marketing!  What kid, or adult, could resist this coupon once discovering it hanging on the front door knob?  The little figurine will be sent to Thomas in a future parcel.

While on the bargain hunt I came upon some awesome quality yarn for $1.99 a ball.

I keep the stash up so I can continue making these.

This week also saw some making of organic cleaning supplies.  I made some daily shower cleaner with distilled water, peppermint essential oil and vodka.  You know you aren't a drinker when you use premium vodka left over from Christmas to clean the shower.  LOL

A trip to the thrift store brought home some amazing gift wrap.

Lastly this week, it is time to tuck away the last of the postcards received from Sian's postcard exchange.  It was so much fun receiving snail mail.

Hope you had a great week!



  1. Ok, so I am wondering... Was the Clean Mama book worth the purchase?? I have been contemplating purchasing it. How cool to have a new toy store. There aren't really any around anymore here. Tom will love his new mini figure. :) I have been itching to go back to the thrift store to just walk around and window shop. Have a good weekend. :)

    1. Hi Michelle, I highly recommend the book. The recipes are really great. The shower cleaner works really well. If you check out her blog she does have some of the recipes posted there. It is really nice to have the book as a reference for all of the recipes.

  2. I do like the idea of cleaning the shower with vodka: I think that might give me a smile, in all sorts of ways.

    It's good to hear that all your postcards have arrived. Excellent!

    Oh, and your hats are fab. I wish I could find some anti pill wool: it sounds great

  3. I love your finds my friend....Your knitted hats are fabulous.


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