Saturday, March 14, 2015

This Past Week...

I got some happy mail.  I pre-ordered this book featuring my favourite little pup who I follow on instagram.  It is so great to have some of his adorable photographs in hardcopy.

Meanwhile, my girlies continue to melt my heart.  Apparently, blankets laying on the floor while waiting to be laundered, make the perfect lounging spot.  They must have been thrown on the floor solely for this purpose.  Why not grab the yucky old beef bone and chew away.

My favourite plant has lived in my kitchen forever.  I decided to move him to the den.  Apparently he liked the kitchen better.  His message was clear.

This little gold bunny followed me home from Crate and Barrel. (They come in turquoise too!)   I told Rob that I don't foresee him being packed away anytime soon after Easter.

While at the hardware store, I found some free scrapbooking supplies.  I love the leaf shapes of these paint chips.

I enjoyed a few of these eggs before putting them away for gifts.

Finally this week, I know it is March when I have tulips in my sunny kitchen.

Hoping you all had a great week.



  1. I love seeing these snippets from your life. I am sure you put those blankets down for them ;-)

  2. Of course those blankets are down for them. :) Our dogs are the same way. I love that spring is here. This week has been in the 50's and 60's. It has been so nice! I am hoping it is here to stay. We'll see... the highs for next week are in the 40's.


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