Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Where the Light Is

One of my favourite things about this time of year is the anticipation of spring.  Although I know that it is unwise to wish away time, it is always around this time that I find myself dreaming about the next season to arrive.  I think it is the changing light that begins this cycle of thought.  First I notice that it is suppertime and there is still some light in the sky.  Next I will notice bits of sunlight peeking through windows that it has been absent from in quite some months.  A sure sign that the sun is getting higher and brighter.  I caught this shadow the other day.

One morning I noticed this beautiful play of light.

There hasn't been sun coming in through that nearby window since the fall.  Before you know it, Lady will have her favourite sunny patch back for morning napping.  Even my latest charity hat photographed with a hint of sunlight on it looks more cheery.

Soon I will be dreaming of smelling lilacs and putting out my summer flower pots.  :)



  1. So perfectly put! I was just thinking yesterday that I'd never considered myself someone who suffered from SAD, yet the change in the light over the last week here has been so very welcome

  2. Perfect! I am a summer girl and at the moment we are enjoying the lush warm weather on our Natal south coast. I am dreading the shorter days and colder weather.

  3. The days are definitely starting to get longer. I love that it is after 6 and still a little light left and not dark out. Now to get a few more sunny days, and for it to warm up to be outside. Just isn't the same when it is brutally cold and sunny. Clocks spring ahead for daylight savings here this weekend.


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