Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Not a Traveller

I'm definitely not a traveller.  I'm a homebody.  I like being home.  I like my familiar places, things and people around me.  But a couple of times a year, Rob plans a little get away for us.  I bargain for the vacation to be less days rather than more.  Then I whine a bit about organizing, packing and leaving my dogs.  I'm fine once I get there and I always enjoy my time away.  My dogs survive and just basically replace us with the young couple who comes to stay at our place to mind them.  I'm always thrilled to get back home but I'm also grateful that Rob has dragged me away.  I know it is good for me.

This time we went to Victoria B.C.  We stayed on the harbour.

We drank tea.

We visited my favourite craft shop, "Buttons and Needlework" which specializes in yarns and cross-stitch supplies.  I found a new seeing apparatus which might just make cross-stitching easy on the eyes once again.  I'm anxious to give it a go!

I found a new place called "Knotty By Nature".  The owner was spinning in the back.  As well as yarn, this place sold raw fibres for spinning.

Check out this amazing shelving unit to house sock yarn.

We admired the Pacific ocean and enjoyed that good water smell.

We also took time to smell the flowers.  Everything is lush green and in full bloom.  Unlike Alberta which is still dry, brittle and brown.  haha

We spent some time at the Robert Bateman museum.  It was amazing!

Then we spent some time with an old school friend of Rob and his girlfriend.

We went back to the Butchart Gardens to enjoy the spring season.

It was full of tulips and daffodils and trees in full colourful bloom.

Rob had a great time taking photographs.

It was great spending time with my favourite person in the world.  

And the best part about travelling is the photographs that are captured.  Next week I will be starting a mini album documenting this holiday.  I enrolled in an on-line course with Kim Jeffress through Papercut Labs.  Kim's mini albums are always so amazing.



  1. I'm hyperventilating a bit over that sock yarn photo! You've got some gorgeous pictures here..well worth a trip, just for the scrapping material

  2. I am glad you had a good time! The yarn photo is so colorful. Bet you had fun in that shop. :) I can't wait to see your photos on scrapbook pages. :)

  3. Oh wow Jennifer. You do know that this is my favorite kind of posts...don't you? I love to "see" what you have been up to...and good for Rob to draw you out of your comfort zone...and now you have these amazing moments captured and it will make awesome pages and mini album.xx

  4. Great snaps! I am coming to realize that I am a short-term traveler. Don't want to be away from home too many days in a row.


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