Sunday, April 12, 2015

"@ the Park"

Last night I was killing time waiting for SNL to start and decided to get a page done.  Well the show was a bust and I think I should have just kept scrapping.  I love this photo of Rob, Susan and her husband Richard.  My brother Andrew took it last summer.  He has such an excellent eye for composition.  He sees things through the lens in a way that I would never.  I think he gets it from my father.

I used a Pebbles line from last summer, "Front Porch".   I think that this palette is my all time favourite, especially when used with a B&W photo.

Here's the sketch I used created by Susan Stringfellow.  I love her sketches and always find them so enjoyable to navigate through.

Hope you are all getting some creative time in this weekend.  :)



  1. Love the photo! And the color scheme of the page :)

  2. Beautiful colour scheme, beautiful picture..and the pleasure you took from combining the two really shows

  3. Great photo-like that you scrapped it in b & w.

  4. wow, great photo! I really love this page and didn't even recognize it as my sketch til I scrolled. My fave part though is that cool washi with the arrows next to the super cute flower


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