Wednesday, May 6, 2015

About That Thing We Call Spring...

So it seemed only fitting to use my wintery cup for my tea this morning.

We woke up to this.

It happens every year.  Spring just disappears.  The birds hide and the branches of the blooming trees strain under pressure.  But... it will return just as quickly was it left.  I hope so because this weekend is being dedicated to yard clean up.

Somehow I feel that today I should be planning Christmas shopping, starting my Christmas cards or thinking about the supper menu for the big day.  Oh yeah, it's actually May!  I think I just might hide away and get some scrapping done.  :)



  1. You totally jinxed it when you questioned spring being there just three short days ago!
    That is just all sorts of wrong, wrong wrong!!!

  2. Bummer! I hope you did make the best of it by scrapping.

  3. Oh wow! I said here that it felt like November..but you made it to December. What a surprise

  4. Oh how I can commiserate with you. Been there before. I hope spring returns and stays.. soon. Definitely a good day for some scrapping or knitting. :)


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