Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Around Here

It is feeling like summer!

Trees are in bloom and our neighbourhood smells like fresh laundry.

There have been a few trips to the greenhouse to buy colourful annuals.

The patio table is set up and we've even had a meal outside already.

The sprinkler guy came today to blow out the lines and so now the big blue hose won't be laying around the yard ... quite as much.

Some off season activities are still happening, like a trip to the good yarn store in Stony Plain.  Lisa and Steve gave me a gift card for Mother's Day.  :)  This yarn will make for some cheery woolies for charity.

Thrifting is at a minimum but I was lucky enough to stumble upon these Corelle Pyrex mugs.  They are the "Ribbon Bouquet" pattern circa 1984.

And finally there has been some happy mail for Rob.  I got him a subscription to a "sock club" for his birthday last month.  Each month for a full year he receives a funky pair of socks.  He loves colourful socks and really looks forward to seeing what will arrive.  It is really fun.  Here's May's sock!

On the scrappy front, Susan and I have been working on our mini album.  I'll be posting some photos very soon.  Hope you are all enjoying some warm days.



  1. That yarn looks gorgeous. I'm nodding at the sock club...with all the sock knitting going on here I have a plan to do a sock club of my own fro my brother. I thought I could send him a pair every month, but I need to see him over the summer first to take some measurements

  2. That yarn is gorgeous...and I wonder what Kobus would do with socks like that...I love it...I would probably end up wearing it.


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