Saturday, May 9, 2015

More With "True Stories"

I have two more pages to share with this amazing collection.  First up is Rob and I looking dorky.  We really struggle with taking selfies.  We keep trying though because sometimes when we are out together it is nice to have a photo capturing both of us.  We clearly need more practice though.

This page was totally inspired by a beautiful LO done by Kim Jeffres.  You can see her creation here.

And one more page of Rob taking photographs.

The camera stamp was a total disappointment.  It didn't stamp well at all.  Instead of it being a total loss, I used the plastic printed piece as a transparency.

Here is the sketch that I used.  Unfortunately, I have lost track of where I found it and therefore can not give credit.  :(



  1. I think it's a nice picture..I can see your two smiles!

    I always love to look at the details you include on your pages, and to admire your colour choices. This collection looks like it has some lovely pieces in it

  2. Fabulous pages!! I so know what you mean taking selfies, when my dd takes them they look fabulous, but when my hubby and I take them they turn out funny. but I think yours looks absolutely fab! About the sketch, I'm pretty it's from CREATE magazine. I used it too :) .

  3. Your photo is great - you should see some of the selfies hubby and I have tried to take. Not one has been preserved for further viewing. Love the flow of your pages and your knack for mixing the bits and bobs.


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