Monday, May 25, 2015

Sometimes it's Junkie

I have one last page to share using Shimelle's "True Stories" line.  As much as I love the subject of Thomas on his new trampoline, the page did not turn out as I had hoped.  I think part of it is the sketch I chose to go with this collection, part of it is the loud yellow side border that doesn't quite blend properly probably because I omitted the banner element of the sketch and part of it is the green background of the photos against the tone of the blue paper.   So there is the official critique.  Yes, it is junkie in a bad way, but you can't love them all.  And... since I love the photos it is still a keeper.  Years from now when I am looking at this page, it is Thomas who I will really be looking at (if I can find him in this LO) , not the page itself.

You know it is a fail when you enjoy the close-ups more than the page as a whole.  hahah

Here's the PageMaps sketch I used.  

So I have put this collection away for now.  After seven pages it is time to move on.  Next up, something calm and monochromatic.  Yes please.  :)



  1. That is usually what happens when my papers are too busy. But it will be Thomas you will be looking at anyway. Can't wait to see what you cook up next with something more monochromatic.

  2. I'm liking the yellow because it picks up the stripes on the base of the trampoline, and that way it draws your eye to the pictures.


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