Friday, June 26, 2015

Daily Planner Recap ~ June Edition

As June is coming to an end shortly,  I thought I would share my planner progress for this month.  My planner is really more of a "Memory Planner" since I use it document the everyday.  I have to say that I am totally enjoying this project.  This just might be the thing I do year after year.  I know, said the woman who is only two months into the process. LOL

I generally work on my planner about once a week.  So I don't forget any details of the days, I keep this journal handy and each day I jot down a few notes on what I want to record in the planner.

I think this page for special photos is my favourite page each month.

Since Rob and I celebrated our anniversary this month,  I used the 3x3 pocket protector to document it.  I used the thin daily list to write down things I am grateful for.

Some pages carry lots of photos.  I print them out on the Selphy.

Sometimes I will use an old photo.  I wanted to document the whole "tbt" thing.  It will be a great indicator of the time.

I am trying to use memorabilia.  I think it will give the planner a more real look and less manufactured.  Here I put in my hairdressers business card.

I've been using Project Life cards and stamps to add a variety,  instead of just seeing items bought from the planner line.

I'm also using scraps of paper.

I cut up a Father's Day themed gift card from Starbucks to mark Father's Day.  It was actually Rob's idea and he brought it home for me.  That poor man really is subjected to far too much of my crafty world.  ;)  The 4x6 Project Life cards add a nice variation in page size.  These are by Heidi Swapp and therefore lend themselves well to the planner.

I use the back of the card to document a bit more about what's been going on. (You can see my assistant, Lady, standing near by!)

Here I have added an extra 3x3 pocket protector so I can add a few more photos.  My Swallows are back and feeding babies right now.  :)

Some pages are just for fun and total embellishment.  I use the gold Hambly acetate as a book marker.  I found the idea on Pinterest.

So that was June and I am all set up to start July!

In July, I am using the thin daily list to document a great day.  Hope there is something epic next month!

I made this little flip element.  I'll likely use it for a photo and some hidden journaling.  I got the idea from Heidi Swapp's latest video.

The Month at a Glance pages are my least favourite.  Maybe it's because I don't write much information on them.  I guess I need a more exciting life.  LOL  I do try to embellish them to make them more attractive.

So I was only about a month into this project when I started worrying about how bulky the pages were getting and thinking that I might run out of room in my binder.  I was just trying to keep things as slim as I could and basically ignoring the problem.  Anyway, Heidi Swapp addressed the same problem in her last video.  She is six months completed and the binder is full.  Her suggestion was to either take half the contents out and store it in a box, or to buy another binder.  Urgghhh  Apparently, next year the binder will be made wider.  As much as I hated the idea of investing more money into this project, I ran out and bought a second binder at Michael's for 40% off.  Better to get it now then to regret it later and not be able to find it.  The inside content is a bit of a waste.  I am using the basic pages for everyday lists and notes.  I hope to incorporate the beautiful foiled divider pages into some scrapbook pages.  The extra 3x3 pocket protectors have been split up between the two albums.  Any thing gold and beautiful has been cut out and added into my album.  Oh well, what can you do?

Well, thanks for saying with me... if you are still here.  LOL  I'll do another planner post at the end of July.



  1. Jen this is a great idea.I´ve a project lifekit that Bo Bunny sent me some years ago so maybe I´ll will start with it.
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I think a memory planner is such a perfect combination of papercrafting ideas. I love this


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