Monday, June 8, 2015

Good Memories & Bad Memories

Sometimes we get caught up in documenting only the fun and happy things in life. I think it makes sense because we often try to forget things that were sad and stressful.  But every so often there is a sad story that I want to document.  Last weekend while I was minding my grand kitty, Mo, I had a very frightful 1.5 hours where I thought that he was lost.  I had left the back door opened while I let Lady out.  I thought that Mo had snuck out.  Needless to say I was freaking out.  I love that little guy. We searched the neighbourhood and I cried lots.  In the end, Diane came to look for him and found him hiding in the basement ceiling rafters of our storage room.  I was never so relieved to see that little head poke out of the ceiling.  Eric used his best fireman skills to finally get him down.  (Yes, he has a few cat rescues on his resume.)

The "Baxter" collection from Studio Calico was great for this page.  I like the dark background paper.  I didn't want this to have a cheery happy feeling.  I didn't use a sketch.  I just worked around the envelop that holds my story of the saga.

Next up is a cute little photo of Lady at the dog park last year.  I used the "Baxter" collection again.  It is so great that there are papers for dogs and cats in this collection.

Here's the sketch from Page Maps.

Lastly, I wanted to document my love of Dr. Seuss and how I have been collecting it for years.  I used the the "365" collection from Chickaniddy.

Here's another sketch from Page Maps.

I am really enjoying the smaller pages.  So much so, that I picked up another 8.5 x 11 album at HomeSense last week for $7.  It was a steal!  It is funny how I seem to be heading back to my earlier scrappy days with smaller pages and cleaner scrapping.  There has definitely been a shift.



  1. All fabulous and fantastic layouts!!

  2. Funny: we were talking here at the weekend about the time our cat went missing when we were little and how he turned up a few days later. We were distraught. These are fab pages..of course I love the Seuss one! And if I could find smaller albums round here at a price like that I'd be a very happy woman

  3. I love each of these pages because it documents the things that you love and the everyday life...your personal album is going to tell quite a story.

  4. Well those two layouts are at each end of the spectrum - both in content and style. Thanks for sharing.


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