Friday, July 24, 2015

Around Here

Life has been busy as of late.  This is one of the things that I love about the summer season, there always seems like there is a lot to do.  We have been trying to enjoy the outdoors as well as get some walking in at any chance we get.  Last Sunday we went to a wilderness centre near our home.  There are many trails to enjoy.

It smells really good and the sound of the breeze rustling through the tall Poplars is a very peaceful sound.  There was barely a mosquito to be found although we did have many tiny black flies annoying us.  :(

The trails are wide and covered in grass.  As you walk along you have to watch out for little toads hopping under foot.

This past week I got into this book.

Reading this book turned into a full on tangent.  Yikes!  I consider myself to be quite organized and I detest clutter.  It makes me anxious when things are too out of order.  So I figured that reading this book would just basically confirm the way I already am.  Although much of it I do by nature, she addresses the idea of only having things in your home that "spark joy".  It is an interesting concept.  We are often surrounded by stuff that we feel we should keep.  So I decided to go through my house looking at things with new eyes and deciding if my possessions really "sparked joy."  I have slimmed down some possessions and it feels good.  I think I am a minimalist at heart, or at least strive to be one.

But.... after reading only the first chapter,  I took a trip down to my favourite thrift shop.  The collector in me loves the thrift shop.   Although I knew that I was planning on a purge, this followed me home.

I decided that it was okay because it definitely sparked joy!  It's gold and yellow and awesome!

I had so much fun washing it up and setting it up in my kitchen china cabinet.

In other news, look what we found when Rob cleaned out the birdhouse that my swallows nest in.   (No worries, they've been gone for weeks and it is best to clean it out for next year.)

Aww, looks like some eggs never hatched.  The nest looks so cozy with all of those soft feathers though.

I'll be back soon to share my latest mini album!  It is one that I started over a year ago and then it sat. It felt good to finally get back to it.



  1. I thought of you today when we ended up in a couple of charity shops and I saw a fab brown 70's teaset. Would you believe I actually thought about buying it and sending it? lol

    1. Oh that is so sweet Sian. Yikes can you imagine the postage on that? Thanks for thinking of me. I think we would have a great time thrifting together! :)


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