Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Buttons and Brads

I'm scrapping it old style.  Remember back in our early scrapbooking days when our main embellishment was buttons and brads?  I got a good supply of them in original packaging when I scored my vintage Basic Grey supplies, a couple of weeks ago.

I cut into "Euphoria" the other day.  I have to say that I still had a really happy feeling while opening up that old style package of buttons and brads that have six colours.  But, I have realized that there are some really busy papers that I will never be able to figure out how to use.  I am using more of the calmer patterns and mixing in some new products to update the look of the page.  The crazy busy papers will eventually be donated for some happy kids to create with.

First up is my Maggie May freaking out that I won't let her come into the front yard and join me.  She claws at the glass door in a fanatical way and gets this really crazy look in her eyes.

Here's the sketch I used.

For this next page I mixed in some papers from some other old BG collections, "Bittersweet" and "Sultry". They compliment each other quite nicely.

I'm happy to have a few more old patterned papers that I adore in my scrapbooks.  I realized an interesting thing about buttons and brads.  Buttons which are sewn on and brads that are poked through paper will not be falling off any time soon.  Hmmm.  The new stuff that is all adhered with glue is sure to be sitting in the bottom of page protector down the road. I don't even want to think about it.  Susan and I often say that we will be old ladies, in the home,  crying because we can't remember where all the embellishments are supposed to go and we have no glue to put everything right!  ;)  And so I resolve to remember to sew on more buttons start using up those brads instead of opting for pricey enamel dots.  Ha... we'll see how long that lasts.  LOL



  1. Nice pages, look totally up to date to me. I just recently vowing to use of more of my brads. To use the newer larger ones I often twist the prongs off and adhere them like enamel dots. I'll probably be regretting that soon too.


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