Thursday, July 30, 2015

That Cushion!

Back in February,  I posted about a lottery dream house that we visited.  Well we didn't win a thing but I did hit the jackpot, in a way.  One of my favourite things in the house was this amazing geometrical and colourful cushion.

Imagine my delight when while milling around HomeSense yesterday, I came upon two cushion covers exactly the same!  No inserts,  so they were only $13 each.  No worries, I have lots of cushions that I can borrow the pillow part from!  I took them home and did a bit of reorganizing of the living room.  Yes, that decluttering book is still in my mind even though I have totally purged my house.

In case you've forgotten I have spoiled little dogs.  ;)  The sofa is basically theirs.  Since Maggie is a paw licker and they can both become smelly little creatures when grooming is due, I am forced to keep a blanket on my sofa.  :(  It always looks like this in my living room and it is really starting to annoy me.  It is like a perpetual sick daybed.

Well, these pillows inspired me.  We have a beautiful basement that is perfect for lounging in.  We can even watch DVD's in the basement but not upstairs. Why not actually use this space?  Walking up and down the stairs is good for us and so is being further away from the fridge!  LOL  Now my living room looks like this!  Yay!!

Now I'm not saying that I will never use my living room.  So I have a throw blanket close at hand for slobbery Maggie.  But, the evening will be for basement lounging for sure.  It feels good to have my best room looking as it should.  We are giving this new idea a trial period and if it works out, that eye sore of a television, with its nest of tangled wires, will be taken out.  Oh, dare I dream?

Did you spy that tiny paint chip on the wall above the green chair?  I may be having gold walls in the future.  :)

I think it is safe to say that Maggie and Lady are adjusting to the change.  ;)  Same position in a different location.



  1. I love those pillow cases...and they look so nice in your new relaxing area....I am sure your fur babies will soon be following you there xx

  2. I remember that post: I'm glad you got your cushions. Our living room has green and gold and we have to go UPstairs to it in our tall thin house..definitely further away from the fridge as TTO would attest. He likes to watch tv in the kitchen in the evenings so he is closer

  3. Ah, the things we sacrifice for our pets.... :) Shawn and I are imagining days when everything we own isn't covered in a thick layer of white and black fur.


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