Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Farmer's Market

Rob and I were looking for something to do yesterday so we decided to go into the city to the farmer's market.  It's a large indoor market that is opened year around.

Our plan was to buy some fresh fruit and veggies.  There was lots to choose from. 

We ended up buying some fresh baby potatoes, little carrots and some amazing cherries.  But then I came upon some paper.  Yes, paper seems to be a huge part of my life. ;)

These followed me home.

The first is a little matchbook notebook for my purse.  All hand made and sewn together.

This little journal is made from trash.  Totally up-cycled!  People are so smart.  :)

The front cover is made out of a rubber gloves box.  The back cover is made out of a cheese sticks box.  

The inside papers are made from one sided photocopies.  The blank side is showing as each paper is neatly folded over.  Looks to be some kind of absentee form for a school.  The shadow of the typing shows through and almost serves as ruled lines for straight writing.  Brilliant!  I'll pay $4 for somebody's trash.  LOL

I'm quite excited about these little gems.  I'll leave you with a photo that Rob took of a firefighters memorial close to the market.  Such a beautiful statue.



  1. Hi Jen!
    I can imagine you had a great time there...
    I want to tell you that I made two layouts I made inspired on two of yours!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Fun place! Looking forward to the big market in Lancaster Pa. next week (Pa. Dutch Country)

  3. I'm catching up after our break today and am delighted to discover you ferreting out the best bits of shopping. You have such a knack for finding treasures

  4. I'm super impressed that the inside of the notebook is recycled too. Kudos to them for making it! And to you for buying it!


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