Friday, July 10, 2015

Using Vertical Space

The "studio" has been getting a bit of an overhaul.  It was getting scary in there.  There was lots of stuff sitting on the floor since there was no other place for it.  It finally hit the point of no return.  It's hard to be creative in a really disorganized space.  So there is only one solution when you can't pack one more thing into a tiny room.... look for vertical space.

On Susan's suggestion, I replaced my short Ikea Billy bookcase with this tall one.

The short Billy bookcase is now sitting in my closet.  Instead of having a bunch of stuff just sitting on the floor, it is now neatly piled up high.

Now the top of my dresser can actually be seen and my Cricut is not sitting on the floor.

I now have two Ikea carts.  Best scrappy storage ever!  One holds my art journalling supplies...

and the other sits next to my desk holding supplies that I am currently using quite often.

I keep all of my daily planner stuff together,  making it easy to access,  since it is an ongoing project.

I took a picture of my desktop just because it NEVER looks like this.  LOL

Now this is a space that I can scrap in.  Thank goodness for Ikea and it's affordable storage solutions.



  1. AWESOME! and thanks for not taking a photo of my little corner. Nobody needs to see that mess! LOL

  2. You have a great craft space! I so need one of those carts!

  3. Hi Jen. I love your space!!! You are right, it is so much easier to be creative when our rooms are organized. I also have a Raskog cart. :) LOL to Susan's comment. My desk is a mess too.


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