Wednesday, August 26, 2015

That 70's Tangent ~ Its Been Some Time

Geez, I can't remember the last time I did a 70's Tangent post.  Since doing my house purge last month, I have been avoiding the thrift shops in an effort to stop bringing things back into the house.  But, that 70's vibe is alive and well and I may have wandered into a thrift shop or two recently.  ;)

As the house painting project winds down, we saved the best colour for last.  The bathroom is now gold!  Bring on the 70's!

I had to really contain myself to not paint the entire upstairs this colour.  You know me with gold.  Hind sight has me happy that I only indulged a small space with this saturated colour.  I think it would have just been too much for the entire upstairs.

These thrift store finds also took me back to the day.  I found this set of three "Old Orchard" Pyrex bowls for $12.  They now have a home in my kitchen cabinet of favourite Pyrex.

Then there was this package of gift wrap.  I'd buy this as a patterned paper for scrapping!

The final 70's touch that I added to the house was found at HomeSense.  I was thrilled to find this pattern in my favourite brand of bed sheets.  (So these sheets are sitting on my kitchen floor waiting to go into the laundry.  Hey, where is Lady and why is she not sitting on this pile of softness?)

It's feeling pretty gold around here and I love it!



  1. I love the soft gold color Jen. That is guaranteed to add some sunshine to your home in the cold winter months.

  2. I'm so glad to see you are still keeping the 70's alive and kicking! The gold is lovely, and I really like your bathroom shelf with the pegs on it too


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