Friday, August 14, 2015

The August Kit

There has been lots going on around here.  Rob is still painting.

Mo is still with us.  I think he might be staying close by the phone incase his mother calls from her holiday to say hello and see how he is doing.  And yes, she did call to make sure her best kitty was happy.  ;)

While Rob works on the house, I've been getting some creating done.  This month, Susan gifted me with the August kit from my LSS, for my birthday!   It is an amazing kit with so much goodness!

So far I've created three pages.  All were inspired by sketches in Kristine Davidson's sketch books.  A really great resource to have when the internet is unplugged due to the painting project!

Next up on the blog will be the July memory planner recap.  I'm just a little behind this month with my blog posts!



  1. Beautiful pages in true Jennifer style...gorgeous little details. I am sure you can't wait for the end results of all that painting.

  2. That kit looks packed! I love the action pictures of you and how you have put them together with pieces from the kit to make a beautiful page.

    Does Rob take bookings? We could do with some work done round here!


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