Wednesday, August 12, 2015

This Summer's Photo Challenge

One of my favourite things about summer is participating in Rhinda's Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt.

I have completed the list including substitute photo options, with the exception of finding three or more flags on one flag pole.  Oh we did search and we did find two flags on a pole.  Close... so close!
Here's my finds.

A bouquet of flowers

An ornate door knocker

A person walking a dog

People playing a board game

Architectural columns

A metal bridge

A turtle

Someone "plugged in" to social media

A tent

A college or university

A cellular tower or t.v satellite dish

A public restroom

A carousel

A traffic signal

A panoramic view

Matching uniforms

An overloaded truck

A ticket booth

A natural body of water

Me with my sign

Substitute Options:

People eating outside

Someone holding an umbrella

A rocking chair

Oh it was so much fun.  I have plans for a tiny 4"x 4" album for these photos!  Thank you Rhinda for another very inspiring list of prompts!  :)



  1. You really had fun! Love your photos and I think I will give the public restroom a pass :-P

  2. Well done! It wouldn't be summer without it


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