Saturday, October 3, 2015

September... Where Did You Go?

Time is getting away on me.  I blinked my eyes twice and September was gone.  There hasn't been much crafty going on but there has been a bit of travel.  Rob and I went to Montreal.  It was great hanging out with my brother Andrew,

visiting and chatting lots with Chantal,

and getting lots of hugs from my favourite little guy, Thomas! 

We spent lots of time outside enjoying nature!

There was lots of good eating enjoying all of our eastern favourites that we don't have in Alberta, like Montreal smoked meat,

and Quebecois sugar pie.

We had the chance to dress up and be total dorks!

Rob and I went back to our college where we first met many moons ago.

We were a little early to see much of the beautiful red foliage that we miss so much 

but Thomas helped me to find a couple to bring home.

I collected lots of memorabilia and now I just have to decide how I will record all of the fun memories we made. 



  1. A gorgeous set of catch up pictures. That huge picture frame is amazing

  2. I love to see the photos of your travels...little Thomas have grown up so quickly. You are going to be an awesome grandma one know that...don't you?

  3. Hi Jennifer - thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi! Like you I have a pile of leaflets, photos, ephemera from a trip [to London in the summer] and I think I'm going to save it all up for when I go on a crafty weekend retreat with friends next month. I'll see what becomes of it all then!

    And thanks for helping me add another comment to my total - this is No.204! 96 to go ...



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