Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween Recap

Well the witches and ghosts, super heros and princesses have gone into hiding for yet another year.  The decorations have been put away and there is not one pumpkin to be seen in my house.  We didn't get as many trick or treaters as I had hoped for.  Only 42 came to our door.  I'm not sure if people had bigger plans since Halloween fell on a Saturday.  The rain that started around 8pm didn't help either.  Maggie and Lady got into the spirit too.  As per usual, Maggie was too wiggly for a photo to show off her cuteness.  But, Lady was happy to oblige.

We got lots of updates from Andrew from across the county, so we almost felt like we were there with Thomas on this spooky night.  Spiderman came out for a second round.  Here's Tom in 2013 when he was three...

and here he was last night!  Yes a new costume was in order since he totally outgrew the old one.  Oh, Spiderman!

He went out with his bestie, Lulu, who was a cat!

So what's happening now?  Well, I have been working on some little mittens since I am going to visit some of my other favourite little people next weekend.  Hopefully I will have some pictures to share.

I have also deemed November to be a "deep cleaning" month.  I have made myself a very detailed list of what's to be done.  I'm hoping to not get on a total tangent and let cleaning consume my life.  I just want to get a little done most days.  Today I prepared some cleaners so I am ready to go.  I love making organic cleaners and it is so much fun mixing essential oils for custom scents.  It almost makes cleaning fun... almost. ;)

I want the house in top shape before the holidays begin next month not to mention the craziness that comes after with Diane and Eric's wedding in January.  It is getting close!

Have a great week!


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  1. Thomas is such a cute little man...and he gives you scrapping opportunities as a bonus ;-)

    Strength with all that cleaning x


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